Cut the complexity out of cooking

○ Heavy-duty aluminum body
○ Non-stick interior
○ Soft touch bakelite handle

Even heating

Deane & White cookware features multi-layer or encapsulated base construction that promotes consistent, even heating and prevents hot spots. This allows you to cook food thoroughly without burning.


Crafted from sturdy materials hard-anodized aluminum, D&W cookware stands up to daily use and lasts for years. It resists warping, denting, or corrosion.


With a range of pot and pan sizes and shapes, as well as lids, D&W cookware works for boiling, frying, simmering, braising, and more. You can use it on all stovetops including induction.

enhance your cooking experience

With D&W cookware, you can outfit your kitchen with durable, high-performing pots and pans for all your cooking needs.

Nonstick Deep Frying Pan 11-inch 3.9-quart

Heavy Duty, Induction Stovetop Compatible, Includes Lid

Nonstick Skillet Pan (Black/Black)

Non Stick, Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Heavy Duty, Induction Stovetop Compatible

Nonstick Skillet Pan (Black/Brown)

Non Stick, Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Heavy Duty, Induction Stovetop Compatible

Cooking delicious food since 1967 

For over 55 years, Deane and White Cookware have been crafting exceptional cookware that has stood the test of time. Founded in 1967 by partners Harold Dean and William White, the company began as a humble, family-run business focusing on cast iron cookware to continue the traditions and legacy of this 18th-century company. What started small has blossomed into one of the most reputable cookware brands across America today.

pride in creating durable, versatile pots and pans

D&W takes pride in creating durable, versatile pots and pans for home cooks looking for professional-grade results from their own kitchens. From its early cast iron beginnings to its extensive stainless steel and nonstick collections today,
Deane and White is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and innovation. For over half a century, the D&W name has been synonymous with cookware that performs beautifully and lasts for generations.

D&W Cookware for any occasion

For kitchen magic every day, our cookware’s the perfect way.

Weekday Dinners

D&W cookware is perfect for quick and easy meals on busy weeknights. Our pots and pans heat evenly and clean up fast.

Weekend Brunch

Impress your guests with fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon cooked up in D&W’s durable nonstick pans. Easy cleanup lets you enjoy the rest of your day.

Holiday Feasts

Cook for a crowd with D&W’s spacious stockpots, sauté pans, and sheet pans. Our oven-safe cookware takes your dishes from the stovetop to the table.

Outdoor Cooking

D&W cast iron and enamel Dutch ovens go camping or tailgating for easy one-pot meals. Our grill pans let you get those perfect grill marks at home.

Our clients thought

I have to say that I’m really impressed. It heats up slowly, but it holds the heat evenly and cooks things perfectly. I’ve tried all sorts of recipes in it, from scrambled eggs to stir-frys, and everything has come out great.

Michael Barnes


The Deane and White sauté pan is one of my favorite cookware pieces. It heats quickly and evenly, and I love the non-stick surface. It’s great for making sauces, sautéing vegetables, and much more.

Isabella Gonzalesa


I’ve never enjoyed cooking as much as I do with my D&W pots and pans. Whether I’m making a quick weeknight dinner or an elaborate holiday feast, I reach for my D&W cookware to help me feel like a pro in the kitchen.

Roger Reyes


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